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In December 2009, high-speed broadband Internet service was launched in Owenton.† Currently we are in phased construction† to launch our 10Meg high-speed Internet into other underserved and unserved communities.† In March 2011, we launched phone service to complete the trilogy of cable subscriber needs. October 2012 a† digital and High Definition tier along with premium channels was launched.† We are not finished. Additional fiber is being placed to the edges of the system to provide reliable infrastructure.

Kentucky Ridge Country Communications a Kentucky oompany providing Cable and Internet to Owen County

KRCC was purchased from the former Dorothy Neal Cooperation, Inc., which had been in operations since the late 1980ís.† Reimer Communications purchased the company in January 2007 with a desire to better serve the residents of Owen County and expand the business, by improving and expanding the viewing choices, providing broadband Internet and telephone services to the community.† We built a new headquarters in north Owenton

for offices/equipment center /garage and storage. Come by and visit.

Currently KRCC cables pass by approximately 60% of households.† The cable services are being modified to provide the residents a competitive communications system tailored to the area needs and income.† Owen County has a wealth of beauty with natural steams and lakes and hunting opportunities. Four areas of housing have been developed to attract outsiders to the area.: Elk Lake Shores, E. Davis Lake, Perry Park Resort, and Eagle Creek Resort.† KRCC is currently expanding cable and Internet services to these areas, to prevent the stagnant growth seen over the years and help the Owen community thrive and prosper. In addition, KRCC provides a cable channel (20) for Owen County to broadcast community announcements for both charity and for-profit individuals and organizations.†

Our cable signals start from the headend shown here are the Satellite receivers.Getting the safety Orange vests on as we prepare to do constructions along the road.

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